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Congress 2021

Additives and functional ingredients for equine feed: what present for what future?

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  • Regulation on Additives and Functional Ingredients for Equine Nutrition
    Michaela HERZOG et Regine SCHREINER (Feed and additives GmbH)
  • Current and Future Markets of Additives and Functional Ingredients for Equine Nutrition
    Alice MONIER TORRENTE (Horse Development)
  • Feed Additives and Sensory Perceptions in Horses
  • Bioavailability of Minerals in Horses
    David VAN DOORN (Chaire of Nutrition, Faculty of veterinary medecine of Utrecht)
  • The Microbial Ecosystem of the Large Intestine preserved by Additives and Functional Ingredients in Equine Nutrition
    Véronique JULLIAND (UMR PAM)
  • Feed Additives and Functional Ingredients for Immunity: Can Knowledge from Humans be Applied to Horses?
  • Microbiota-intestinal-brain axis and nutrition
    Daria GUSEVA (Institut of Nutritional Medecine, University of Hohenheim)
  • Feeed additives and Functional Ingredients for Equine Nutrition and Performance
    Samy JULLIAND (Lab To Field)
  • Workshop 1: In Vitro Sensory Characterization Method of the Taste Qualities of a Feed Additive
  • Workshop 2: Researching Probiotics of Tomorrow: Selecting Bacteria with Beneficial Functionalities
  • Workshop 3: Selection of Products with Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Workshop 4: Technological Processes Supporting the Maintenance of Feed Additives and functional Ingredients Efficacy in Feed
  • Workshop 5: In Vitro Testing of Anthelmintic Properties in Feed Products
  • Workshop 6: Assessing the Effect of an Additive on Equine Behavior
  • Workshop 7: Objective Methods for Measuring Performance and Physical Qualities in Horses

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Congress 2018

Tomorrow's concentrates for horses: what role for dietary fibers?
  • Diversity, Characterization, and Processing of Dietary Fibers for Horses
    Gaëlle ROUDAUT (UMR PAM)
  • What Do We Know About the Sense of Taste in Horses?
    Loïc BRIAND (CSGA)
  • Fibers Digestion in horses
    Pauline GRIMM (Lab To Field)
  • Enzymatic Degradation of fibers
    Bernard HENRISSAT (CNRS and University of Aix-Marseille)
  • Prevention of Major Equine Diseases of Dietary Origin through Fiber Consumption
    Nanna LUTHERSSON (Hestedoktoren)
  • High-Fiber Concentrates and Performance: Are They Compatible?
    Samy JULLIAND (Lab To Field)
  • Benefits of Fibers in the Diet of Aging Horses
    Nicola JARVIS (Redwings Horse Sanctuary)
  • The Intestinal Microbiota of the Foal: The Future of the Herbivorous Horse. How Can We Manipulate It?
    Véronique JULLIAND (AgroSup Dijon, UMR PAM)
  • Workshop 1: Presentation of Processes and Treatments Applicable to Fibers and Demonstration
  • Workshop 2: New Biotechnological Approaches for Enhancing Taste in Horses and Demonstration
  • Workshop 3: Illustration of Research Studies Conducted to Assess the “Health” Benefits of High-Fiber Concentrates and Demonstration
  • Workshop 4: Illustration of Research Studies Conducted to Assess the “Well-being” and “Performance” Benefits of High-Fiber Concentrates and Demonstration

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